Sunday, 22 October 2017

MUSIG 2017

The Monash University Surgical Interest Group (MUSIG) is a not-for-profit, student run organisation, dedicated to promoting the profession of surgery to medical students at Monash University. Since the last edition of the Cutting Edge, MUSIG has been busy with several key events.

Specialty Lectures

In March, MUSIG held a Surgical Innovations and Research Forum, where four Academic Surgeons and a current surgical Trainee highlighted the fascinating world of their chosen specialty and their involvement in ground-breaking research and academia. The event was keenly attended by students across all year levels, who thoroughly enjoyed the panel discussion at the conclusion of the event.
In July, MUSIG in collaboration with the Ignite Global Health Group, a student-run initiative with aims to improve health in developing communities, held the Surgery in the Developing World evening. Three distinguished Consultant Surgeons provided students with their experience in providing surgical care in under-resourced countries and how their experience overseas has influenced their career back home. The event was well-attended and live-streamed to the Monash University Campus in Malaysia. MUSIG’s final specialty lecture night, Women in Surgery, was held on Thursday September 7. Students were given the opportunity to gain an insight into the personal experiences of eminent female Consultant Surgeons and current surgical Trainees and discussed the ongoing challenges faced with achieving gender equity in the surgical profession. Medical students of all year levels attended the event, which was also made available to students in rural areas via a recording. Overall, MUSIG’s specialty lectures in 2017 have covered a variety of topics related to surgery and have been very well received.

Surgical Skills Workshops 

Across April to August, MUSIG held eight surgical skills workshops (Mildura, two Pre-clinical, Bendigo, MMC, Alfred, Gippsland, RACS), reaching over 250 medical students. Stations ranged from basic suturing and hand-tying, to more advanced skills such as laparoscopic simulation, airway management, chest-tube insertion, z-plasty and Achilles tendon repair. Guided by outstanding surgeons and trainees who generously volunteered their time and expertise, students wetted their appetite for surgery, brushed up on their surgical anatomy and gained a greater understanding of the intricacies and dexterity involved in surgery. At each of the workshops, surgeons gave very positive feedback and praised students for their enthusiastic attitude and learning abilities.
MUSIG and attending students would like to extend another heart-felt thanks to all Surgeons who assisted as tutors, and to the Departments of Surgery at the Central Clinical School, the School of Clinical Sciences (Monash Health), the School of Rural Health and the Department of Anatomy & Developmental Biology for their ongoing support.

Upcoming MUSIG Surgical Events 

Anatomy Revision Night – Oct 12, 2017

How can you get involved?

Many doctors and surgeons tirelessly share their knowledge and passion for surgery at our events. If you, or staff in your Department are interested in teaching medical students with a keen interest in surgery, please feel free to contact our chairs, Michael Zhu and Eshwar Yogakanthi, at We wish also to thank Sophia Gogos and Michael Wang (MUSIG Vice Chairs) for their input into this report.

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