Sunday, 22 October 2017

Monash Partners

Monash Partners Academic Health Science Centre continued to work towards our vision of enhancing the health of our community.

Progress this year includes:
- Federal Government Medical Research Future Fund has committed more than $2million to Monash Partners to support high impact research projects that deliver direct clinical benefit and better health outcomes.
-  Monash Partners is also funded to lead development of a national data strategy through the national alliance of Academic Health Science Centres with a further $225,000.
-     Secured an innovative partnership with philanthropy, providing $904,000 for high impact research projects that will directly benefit children and those suffering with cancer, heart disease and depression
-      Commenced a strategic planning process
-     Progressed research ethics and governance streamlining
-      Established and delivered a large scale free of charge internationally accredited clinical research training program to over 600 Monash Partners researchers
-      Designed a dynamic new website to be launched in the near future and developed a communication strategy
-    Established a data executive and jointly agreed data integration priorities
-     Strengthened our theme and discipline leadership across the partners
-  Engaged and strengthened relationships with MACH (Melbourne Academic Centre for Health), the national AHSC Alliance – the Australian Health Research Alliance (AHRA), potential new partners including Primary Health Networks and regional health services
-        Engaged broadly to enhance research, education and clinical care and their integration

 Key contacts at Monash Partners:

Helena Teede, Executive Director,
Angela Jones, Chief Operating Officer,
Kurian Thomas, Clinical Research Facilitation Lead,
Gillian Chamberlain, Communication Officer,
Laura Robson, Education Development Coordinator,
Anna Kilgour, Chief Operating Officer, Monash Comprehensive Cancer Consortium,
Denise Best, EA to Helena Teede,

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