Sunday, 22 October 2017

Fulbright Fellow to visit Monash University Department of Surgery - Alfred

You are invited to attend a public lecture on 2 November being given by Professor T. Clark Gamblin on male cancers. Professor Gamblin is being hosted by the Alfred-Monash Department of Surgery.

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Most men are aware of the risk of prostate cancer and the need for early detection and treatment.  Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australian men, but fortunately, 95% of men diagnosed with it can expect to survive at least 5 years.
There are other cancers that predominantly affect men.  These are the less known or forgotten male cancers.  They include cancers of the pancreas, liver and oesophagus. All of these cancers affect nearly four times as many men as women. Once diagnosed only 7.7% with pancreatic cancer, 17.8% with liver cancer and 20.1% with oesophageal cancer can expect to survive more than 5 years.

Alarmingly, each year the number of people diagnosed with these cancers increases.  They are amongst the most rapidly increasing cancers in our community.  This makes it imperative that we find ways to improve the outlook for patients diagnosed with these cancers. This may be achieved by improving treatments and surgical techniques as well as by raising public awareness of the early warning signs that one of these cancers may be developing.  If we can catch these cancers early – we have more hope of providing a cure.


Professor T. Clark Gamblin MD, MS, MBA is the Chief of Surgical Oncology, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee.  He is an internationally renowned surgeon specialising in cancers of the liver and pancreas.  His clinical and research interests focus on improving treatment options and outcomes for patients affected by these cancers.  Professor Gamblin is a Fulbright Scholar who is visiting Australia on the Fulbright Specialist Program.  This long established program is designed to strengthen collaboration between US and foreign host institutions.  We are delighted to be hosting him at The Alfred.

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