Sunday, 18 March 2018

Bionic limbs becoming more integrated: Max Ortiz Catalán video

The Department of Surgery hosted a public lecture late last year (Thursday 21 September 2017), given by A/Prof Max Ortiz Catalán. A/Prof Max Ortiz Catalán sheds light on how biology and mechatronics, for the first time, can integrate man and machine through intuitive prosthetics useful in daily life.

Dr. Max Ortiz Catalán is an Associate Professor with Chalmers University of Technology where he founded the Biomechatronics and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory (@ChalmersBNL). He also serves as the Research Director with Integrum AB, Sweden. He received the European Youth Award in 2014, the Delsys Prize in 2016, the SER Prize in 2017, and the Brian & Joyce Blatchford Award in 2017.

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