Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Monash Institute of Medical Engineering (MIME)

The Monash Institute of Engineering (MIME) was established in late 2014 to foster collaboration between engineers and medical professionals across the entire Monash Medical Faculty and its teaching hospitals.  CSIRO and other Monash Faculties such as Science, Business, Art, Architecture and Design are also involved so that multidisciplinary teams can be set up to solve clinical problems with the development of new medical technology, devices, and IT solutions. 

We welcome the involvement of surgeons for any ideas they wish to develop for new surgical instruments, 3D modeling, mechanical and electrical devices, robotics, mechatronics, new materials and new imaging techniques.  Our engineers and scientists work on scales from nano- to micro- to the macro- scale.  A number of Monash affiliated surgeons are already involved and some have been successful in obtaining our seed grants for new technology development.

The current successful seed grant projects are on our MIME website.

We would be pleased to advise on how to set up a collaboration, the IP issues and how to develop connections with industry.  We will also advise the surgeon on how to plan and achieve a commercial outcome for their ideas.  Please contact me (j.rosenfeld@alfred.org.au) of Heather St John the MIME Chief Operating Officer  at Heather.Stjohn@monash.edu  if you wish to explore ideas.

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