Thursday, 14 April 2016

What is the Monash University Academic Surgery Group (MUASG)?

At a meeting of the Monash University Professors of Surgery held on 10 February 2016, it was unanimously resolved to form a group representing the Departments of Surgery across Monash University clinical teaching sites. These include:
  •  School of Clinical Sciences at Monash Health
  •  Eastern Clinical School at Eastern Health
  •  Cabrini Health Department of Surgery
  •  Central Clinical School Department of Surgery at Alfred Health
The name of this group will be the Monash University Academic Surgery Group (MUASG).

Membership of this group would be open to any involved with surgical teaching and/or surgical research throughout the various Monash University campuses. The Executive of the group will comprise the Monash University Professors of Surgery with departmental management responsibilities. The Chair and Secretary of MUASG will be elected biannually by the Executive.
The purposes of MUASG will be to:
  1. support, encourage and enhance academic surgical activities throughout the Monash University campuses in the fields of surgical teaching and surgical research
  2. promote both the professionalism and prestige of academic surgeons
  3. provide a forum for mutual support and encouragement
  4. foster both innovation and consistency of implementation of academic surgical activities, including supporting grant applications and  implementation of surgical and translational research projects
  5. create a central point for communication with others within the Monash University structure and to provide advice about academic surgical activities and aspirations.
  6. provide advice and support with respect to academic career development.
The Chair will be responsible for overseeing the activities and interactions of MUASG including convening meetings of the Executive and of the wider membership. The Secretary will provide assistance to the Chair and be responsible for a periodic newsletter.

The responsibilities of the members of the Executive will be to support the Chair with advice and to publicise MUASG within their Departments.

At the meeting on the 10 February, Professor Julian Smith (SCS/Monash Health) was elected Chair and Professor Wendy Brown (CCS/Alfred Health) was elected Secretary.

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