Tuesday, 12 April 2016

MUSIG 2016

Who are we?

Monash University Surgical Interest Group (MUSIG) is a non-profit university student group (est. 2008) that aims to promote surgery and improve surgical skills for Monash medical students. Our committee consists of 22 individuals who represent students from different year levels (Year 1, 2 and A) and Monash University Clinical Schools (Alfred, Bendigo, Eastern, Gippsland, Monash).

What do we do?

MUSIG runs many surgery-focused events throughout the year. This includes: surgical skills workshops, surgical lectures, careers events and anatomy revision nights. Our events are very popular with students and vary in breadth and complexity; from simple suturing and hand-tying, to bowel anastomoses, lap-simulation chest-drain insertion and more.
This year MUSIG will run 15 events, including:
  • Surgical talks – (Pathways into Surg - Apr 18, Research Night - Jul, Women in Surg - Aug)
  • Clinical workshops – (MMC - May, Eastern - Jul, RACS - July, Alfred - Sept)
  • Preclinical Workshops – (Monash University Clayton – May and Aug.)
  • Year A/Gippsland Workshops – (La Trobe Regional - May, Monash Churchill - Aug) 
  • Bendigo Workshop – Aug
  • Anatomy Revision Night – Oct

How can you get involved?

MUSIG’s ongoing success is owed to the many Doctors and Surgeons who tirelessly share their knowledge and passion for surgery at our events. If you, or staff in your Department are interested in teaching Medical Students with a keen interest in surgery and surgical procedures, please feel free to contact our chairs, Matthew Lam and Michael Zhu at musig@mumus.org.

Regular news and updates can also be found at our website: http://www.musig.org.au.

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