Tuesday, 18 October 2016

Message from the Chair of MUSAG - Professor Julian Smith

Surgery in the new Monash MD course

The March 2016 edition of The Cutting Edge outlined the proposed changes to the undergraduate medical course at Monash University and introduced the new Monash MD course. The curriculum framework in the new Monash MD course places Surgery throughout Year 3/B and also as a dedicated six week Surgery rotation in Year 5/D. The undergraduate surgical curriculum is currently undergoing review by the Surgery Discipline Reference Group, co-chaired by Mr. Peter Evans and Mr. Tristan Leech who have both been appointed the Curriculum Assessment Leads for Surgery. The surgical curriculum developed by the Group will be ready for delivery to the first Year 3/B cohort in 2018.
There will also be a significant research component in the new Monash MD course with an On-line Research Methods Module in Year 3/B and a six week Scholarly Intensive Project in Year 5/D. The Scholarly Intensive Project will include traditional research activities in the biomedical, social, educational and population sciences as well as quality improvement activities in clinical practice. As a there is likely to be a high demand for surgical research projects, there will be a need to identify suitable projects and supervisors to ensure that the agreed standard of academic rigour is applied to meet the various accreditation standards. All Departments of Surgery will need to contribute to this exciting new endeavor.
It is very pleasing that Surgery will continue to have a strong profile within the new Monash MD course and also that students will be introduced to aspects of surgical research, both of which may encourage students to pursue a career in Surgery and possibly with a significant academic component.

The Cutting Edge will continue to report on the above developments as they evolve.

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